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This site reflects three  photographic interests: doing photography for others (Photographer), teaching photography (Teacher), and pursuing my own  projects (About / Gallery Guide). The links below access my email, my Instagram feed, my Model Mayhem portfolio, shortcuts to photographic pages in the site, and a link to my studio, Houston Skyline Studio.


While there's much to read, skim and skip as you please. I readily respond to "I want some photos" or "I want to learn."


 Enjoy your visit.



Want some images?



Clients become partners in creating  images rather than fitting designed "packages," because projects need a unique plan.  Clients might act as models or art directors.  If you can't imagine assuming a leading role in a project, don't fret; you'll adapt and your  participation will make better images. This collaboration  resembles the graphic on the right. Click here to see some sample images from a variety of photography projects (or click the "Client Samples" shortcut below).



Want to learn photography?


Learning is collaborative. A skilled teacher bridges from a student to a complex body of knowledge by understanding both.  Good teachers don't know everything about the subject, but study to extend boundaries of understanding and competence. In teaching, I want to understand what someone wants to know to find strategies to meet their objectives and see the subject comprehensively. We may focus on particular skills and topics, but  fit them into the whole  enterprise.  The diagram plays on this notion. Click here for more explanation, including an overview of skills and learning topics (or use the "Learning" shortcut below).




More than 60 years ago I picked up my first real camera, a 35 mm rangefinder, loaded it with Kodachrome  (at ISO 10), and began an adventure that persists into the present. Shifting later to an SLR,  I continued shooting chrome throughout my film period, added printing and developing to  my skills, and learned to deal with the low tolerance of the chrome process. When I acquired my first digital camera in 2003 I put film aside. Earlier, scanning slides led me to discover Photoshop, the darkroom for digital photographers. I've enjoyed learning its increasing power to make images more accurately depict what I see.

Several years ago I immersed myself in Lightroom, primarily to manage and organize my image library.




  The site includes nine galleries:

1.) Headshots

2.) Featured Model

3.) A Day in Paris

4.) Around Houston

5.) River Lot, France 2016

6.) Material Nudes

7.) Dunes and Nudes

8.) Sundancers

9.) Recent Shoot

Galleries with artistic nudes are marked NSFW on the Galleries Index Page. Each gallery may be viewed in full screen mode.

  Click here to access the Gallery Index (or use the shortcut "Galleries" below).  Move among galleries by clicking a button below the main  image or click the camera to return to the Index.